Neck wrinkles treatment | Natural causes and methods

neck. The skin consists of several layers, each of which has its own components that qualify it for the function it performs. Its composition also varies depending on the area it covers. The neck covers a very thin layer of skin, so it is more susceptible to being affected by external and internal factors that affect the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. They are also more susceptible to the appearance of neck wrinkles and the appearance of wrinkles on the skin of the face and hands. Why do neck wrinkles appear? What is the treatment for neck wrinkles? Questions to which you will find answers and much more in this article.

Causes of neck wrinkles
To know the ways to treat neck and face wrinkles, you must first know the reasons that lead to the appearance of neck wrinkles. Knowing their causes makes it easier to get rid of neck wrinkles and delay their appearance, allowing women to enjoy fresh and youthful skin for a longer period. Because the neck is the center of movement of the head in the body and because it is in constant motion, it becomes more susceptible to the appearance of neck wrinkles, especially when we know that the skin in this area is finer than the skin of the neck. Face. . The most important causes of neck wrinkles are the following:

  • Aging and the lack of essential components that maintain the freshness and elasticity of the skin and give it a balanced and taut appearance. Such as a lack of collagen and elastin.
  • Neglecting daily moisturizing and neck care and limiting yourself to using facial care products.
  • Direct exposure to the sun without using sunscreen.
  • Tobacco is the main enemy of the skin. We notice that the skin of a smoker in his thirties resembles the skin of a fifty-year-old due to the frequent appearance of neck wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Incorrect positions during sleep and during the day. The closer the lower jaw is to the chest, the greater the risk of premature neck wrinkles.
  • Oscillating between thinness and obesity, by following diets that cause rapid weight loss, then returning to excess weight, then following a diet, etc.

Confession of neck rings
The Arabs once said: Prevention is better than cure. It is clearly better, less expensive, and its steps are easier than treatment. Recognition means avoiding laying the foundation for the appearance of neck wrinkles and delaying their appearance. Appearance over a long period of sacred time.

The wheel of time cannot be stopped at a certain age, but it is possible to preserve its properties and components at this stage using medical or home treatments for young and aging skin.

  • Daily hydration is the best weapon against influencing factors and its weapon for survival, including moisturizing all areas of the body, especially those exposed to external factors such as the skin of the face, neck and hands. Therefore, hydration is obtained internally by drinking a sufficient amount of water. It moisturizes it externally using daily moisturizers and reduces neck wrinkles.
  • It has a vitamin-rich diet that contains all the vegetables the body needs to increase its healthy appearance. It should also contain antibacterials, omega-3 fish oils, and vitamin E, because of their importance in maintaining youthful skin.
  • It is best to use sunscreen on the neck on normal days, and on severe days due to prolonged exposure to the sun, the cotton scarf can be loosened to apply sunscreen to the neck.
  • Stop smoking to get young, clear and elastic skin.
  • Make sure to maintain the correct positions while sleeping by using medical pillows, God willing, and avoid sitting with your head tilted when using a cell phone or computer, and always make sure to keep your head elevated and the neck straight and well extended. Certain neck exercises can delay the appearance of neck wrinkles. Or massage it with massage oil using tactical movements on its elasticity.

The appearance of neck wrinkles. Is this the end? Or are there ways to treat the appearance of neck and face wrinkles?

Methods of treating neck wrinkles

The best ways to treat facial and neck wrinkles can be achieved through approved medical cosmetics. Or through natural products and ingredients that serve the same purpose and are free of harmful chemicals. Every woman chooses the method that suits her. Some women prefer to resort to plastic surgery or laser surgery because their results are immediate and clear. Tajmeeli puts all these methods in your hands so that you can choose the method that suits you.

1- Treating neck wrinkles with natural products

In the past, women used to care for their beauty by using natural products available in their surrounding environment. They used the oils and fats available to them, as well as plant leaves, to make natural preparations aimed at preserving the youth and freshness of the skin. These methods have been passed down from generation to generation:

Yogurt and lemon mask

It is used by applying a mask consisting of yogurt and lemon on the neck and distributing it evenly, then leaving it for at least 20 minutes, then washing it with water. After that, a moisturizer is applied to the skin.

Egg white mask

Egg white mask is famous for its amazing ability to tighten the skin and eliminate the appearance of neck wrinkles. Egg whites can be mixed into any skin-friendly product. It can be mixed with starch to obtain a creamy consistency and applied to the neck until it dries, then cleaned with water and an appropriate lotion. It is one of the best ways to treat the appearance of neck and face wrinkles. The same method can also be applied after mixing it with a little Vaseline and yeast to get the same result.

Mask with aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil
Natural aloe vera gel contains many vitamins and antioxidants and is used as a mask to treat neck wrinkles after mixing it with vitamin E oil.

Treating neck wrinkles with natural products

2- Cosmetics to treat neck wrinkles

Beauty designers draw inspiration from nature and the ingredients they use to formulate skin care products. They extract collagen and elastin to make creams and skin care products to treat neck and face wrinkles, and use natural oils such as argan oil, olive oil, and shea butter. They have created therapeutic creams and nourishing masks that fight the signs of aging. These products are used regularly on the skin to reduce and eliminate the appearance of neck wrinkles. You should be careful to choose high-quality products and those that receive high user ratings, to get the best results. Creams containing vitamin A are also suitable for treating neck wrinkles, under the supervision of a doctor.

3- The process of treating neck wrinkles

Chemical peeling helps remove neck wrinkles and is also used for the same purpose, which is the appearance of neck and face wrinkles. Botox injections can also be used under the supervision of a qualified plastic surgeon, and neck lift with threads reduces the appearance of neck wrinkles. These are all cosmetic procedures that are performed in licensed cosmetic clinics or reputed medical institutions to achieve the best results in treating neck and facial wrinkles. The appropriate place and doctor must be chosen to avoid side effects and unwanted results.

Neck wrinkles treatment process

4- Neck yoga is an alternative to Botox

As the name suggests, face yoga is primarily a facial exercise, but it also has cosmetic benefits. Addie Robertson explained: “Facial yoga is a cosmetic routine that eliminates the need for Botox by performing simple exercises designed to strengthen, soften, lift and relax the facial muscles that support the skin, which, if practiced regularly, promote a more youthful appearance. “Facial yoga offers many anti-aging benefits,” he said. , including but not limited to improving the facial structure and its full appearance. “The result is a more sculpted face with massive muscle tone, which in turn improves facial structure (much like yoga does for the body), creating a firmer, smoother, more radiant and youthful face,” Robertson noted. In fact, some evidence-based research supports positive claims about the anti-aging benefits of yoga.

The body’s muscles in general need exercise to maintain their flexibility and prevent sagging. The muscles of the face and neck also need daily exercise to prevent sagging and wrinkles. These exercises are available on phone applications and on YouTube. There is also currently a special device for facial flexion exercises, which is similar in structure to a device for exercising the abdominal muscles through resistance. The device is placed in the mouth and the mouth is alternately closed and opened. The device contains pieces of rubber that vary in resistance to increase resistance. It is recommended to use the device for two minutes daily to strengthen the muscles of the face and neck, treat sagging, and combat the appearance of neck wrinkles.

Neck exercises

Treatment of horizontal neck lines
Horizontal lines differ from longitudinal neck lines only in shape and appearance. In addition, horizontal neck lines can appear with fat accumulation, while longitudinal lines do not.

Both types agree on the causes, as we mentioned before, so treatment methods agree between:

  • Laser neck lift.
  • Neck exercises.
  • Neck wrinkle tightening procedure.
  • Make sure to hydrate your body and drink enough water.
  • Treatment using natural methods, such as using creams and mixtures.
  • In addition to facial liposuction devices: they obtain excellent results, especially in cases of fat accumulation and wrinkles.

Choosing the appropriate method depends on:

The extent of wrinkle development and skin condition.
Is there weight gain or not?
The main reason for the appearance of these lines.
My experience with neck lines
A 44-year-old woman tells her story with horizontal lines in the neck: “I suffered from annoying horizontal lines, perhaps because of the fat accumulated in the neck and lower face, or perhaps because of “age, although I was not able to do this,” I had not yet reached the age of After fifty.

I’ve never had plastic surgery before, so I wasn’t sure if I could have a neck lift to get rid of these wrinkles. He talked to the doctor about the procedure, expected results, and the amount of risk, which really encouraged me.

So I had a neck lift, and afterward I had some pain and possible discomfort, but the pain quickly improved.

I later discovered that my experience with neck lines was the most wonderful and I did not expect the result after seeing it.

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